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« Sarah a trouvé les bons accessoires de rangement qui maximisent l’espace et m’a proposé des solutions de rangement qui correspondent exactement à mes besoins. » – Isabelle

A functional home

maison bien rangée






Sooner or later, you realize that you have accumulated a lot of useless stuff over the years. Of course, the consumer society we live in does not help…You also realize that with your hectic schedule, you have way more projects that you are able to tackle. You simply don’t have the time, you are saying. But maybe it is time for you to review your priorities? One thing is for sure, you need some storage solutions and a streamlined way of life.


While I will respect your rhythm and personality, I will help you define your needs and take action. Together, we will go everywhere – from your basement to your attic, through your closets and your kitchen cupboards and pantry. You can count on me to upgrade your home organization and suggest consistent and simple storage solutions. Whether grand or tiny, your house will be well-used and functional.











There are several options for my services:


  • 3-hours consultation session where I will give you many suggestions and solutions, as well as an action plan that you will implement by yourself.

  • An organizing service with support and motivation where you and I will work together over several sessions.

  • turnkey service where, over the course of the project, you will only have a few decisions to make – I will take care of everything else for you.


I will do an initial assessment at your place in order to discuss and define your needs, your goals and your expectations (this doesn’t apply to the 3-hours consultation session).


For more information on organizing services, visit

  • Papers

  • Home office

  • Family Communication Centre

  • Play Room

  • Laundry Room 

  • Storage Spaces

  • Kitchen cupboards/Pantry

  • Closets

  • Entryway

  • Bathroom

  • Studio/Workshop

  • Garage




CALL ME NOW: 514-766-1532

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