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“Thank you so much for the redesign of my house. I would never have thought of those changes on my own. The room is so much more comfortable, open and welcoming.”– Helen Fox, school superintendent, Toronto

A redesigned decor

redesign et relooking

Objects and collections display


Enhancement of your decorative style


Arranging your items after a move



No need to call on an interior decorator to revamp your decor. You probably already have all you need to renew the look of your house, and make it more functional and enjoyable. Redesignis a cost-efficient way to review your interior decor and have a more stylish environment that better suits you.


After a move or a period of convalescence, a new decor can be reenergizing. A redesigning service may be beneficial to enhance your furniture, your works of art and your decor items.


Or perhaps all you need is a change of scenery. In one day, I can rethink your decor while respecting your personality and lifestyle.






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