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« Je crois qu'engager Sarah fait vraiment partie de l'une des meilleures décisions de ma vie! Elle est l'inspiration qui nous manquait à tous. » – CB


What can I get from hiring a professional organizer?

A professional organizer will help you organize your home, maximize space, find a place for everything. She will find the problem, then the solution, and will help you make good decisions. She will know where to start. Even more important, she will support you and motivate you without judging you.


Will I have to get rid of many things?

In your home, you should only have things that bring you joy and useful objects. Getting organized doesn’t mean removing what you like, it means letting go of everything that puts a stop to your development and happiness.


What is the difference between an interior decorator and a redesigner?

A redesigner uses your current furniture and objects to take your decor to the next level. Thanks to her designing skills, she can rearrange your rooms by leveraging your house structural components and all those items that matters to you.

On the other hand, an interior decorator will suggest that you choose new materials, new floor covering, new curtains, new decor items.


I don’t have time to get organized. Can you take care of everything?

Getting organized takes some time, but at the end, you will certainly save time by working on your quality of life. A professional organizer can take care of a good part of this work for you, but you and her will have to make decisions together.


What is the benefit of calling on a member of a professional association?

As an official member of Professional Organizers in Canada (POC), I have access to a wealth of useful resources, I know the latest trends in the business, and I keep developing myself with continuing education. Also, S'ORGANISER complies with the POC Code of Ethics.


Do you have an insurance?

Yes. S'ORGANISER is covered with a professional liability insurance.














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